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[05 Oct 2009|05:50pm]
to whomever still notices this damned thing. sorry kids, forgot how to link the images.

Rothbury '09.

the end
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[30 Jul 2008|03:00pm]
Update on life...

I finished school, at least for now, which is kind of a mindfuck but whatever. Hoping to get out of this city soon and work elsewhere. Working on that, currently. I got engaged, so I guess that means I'm getting married? No, I'm happy--I'm crazy in love with Nathan and couldn't imagine being with anyone else. Who else would put up with my neurotic tendencies? I hope everyone else is doing well--I'm being really lazy right now, trying to enjoy summer before I find a full-time job.

A couple pictures...Collapse )
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[02 Jan 2008|02:43pm]
Hope everyone's enjoying the "holiday season". I know I am.

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[11 Dec 2007|01:25pm]
I turned 21 the other day. I'm quitting my job at the psych. hospital. Still going to school. There's my update, for you.

Here's some recent pictures; sorry, I don't remember how do to a cut.

Me and Nathan. Halloween.

Rach and I.

At the Dog Pit.

Uh, the end.
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[02 Feb 2007|05:21am]
Went out for dinner last night for Jess's birthday. Good food, good friends.

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[13 Jan 2007|01:12pm]
So much for waiting for this semester to be done. I'm withdrawing from the nursing program and working full time until I can figure out what I want to do with my life. huzzah.
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[09 Jan 2007|05:23pm]
So I'm basically having a life crisis. I do not like school anymore, and I'm not even a little bit sure that nursing is what I want to do anymore. I don't know what I want to do, but after this semester I am pretty sure that I'll be done with this program. I don't want to be tied to it for the next two solid years of my life. I want to go places and see things, and I can't wait for two years. Maybe I'll be a hippie, I don't care--I just can't do this anymore. This decision isn't going to go over well with just about anyone.
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[01 Jan 2007|01:19pm]
My friends have made this strange month bearable. Hopefully you all had a good new year's eve--I was surrounded by friends and wine.

My date for the party on Saturday--I love Matt so much.

New year's eveCollapse )
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[30 Dec 2006|10:47am]
So last night I spent time with good friends. It was grand.

me, Becky, wil and aaron
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[26 Dec 2006|12:33pm]
I'm really sick of getting dumped, you know? He says that he doesn't think it's fair that I'm so sure that he's the one I want to be with, and as things get more serious, he's not 100% sure. Well, how can I really be mad at him for that? He wants to be by himself for awhile and maybe see other people, to make sure that I'm the one for him. He doesn't understand how I'm so sure. I don't know either, I just really can't see myself with anyone else--he's my best friend and without him, honestly, there's just something missing. Your friends will be there for the first few days, calling non-stop and checking in, and then it wears off--right when things start getting worse and you feel more like shit. Well, I think I'm handling this as well as one can expect...I just really need to get out and date someone, but I feel un-datable.

Anyway, I'm going to go read.

This is my tattoo

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[22 Dec 2006|03:56pm]
So I forgot all about this thing. I'm still in school--slowly but surely I'm making my way through this nursing program. I started a new job at a psych. hospital working with adolescents. Uh...that's about it. Oh, and I got a tattoo last Saturday on a whim.

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[18 Jan 2006|12:17pm]

So I'm alive. I'm in the nursing program at Aquinas college. I'm taking at least 17 credits every semester for the next 3 years. That's what I do. Hope you all are livin it up.
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[18 Jan 2006|12:13pm]

So I'm alive. I'm in the nursing program at Aquinas college. I'm taking at least 17 credits every semester for the next 3 years. That's what I do. Hope you all are livin it up.
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[23 Jan 2005|09:10pm]
I haven't updated in awhile--I'm still alive @ www.xanga.com/iheartlard. This is what I look like these days; the picture sucks, I know.

Yeah...that's about it.
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[07 Jun 2004|12:25pm]
Hey look, I'm alive.

It's pointless for me to even pretend like I'm going to keep this thing up anymore. When I really think about it, it's a bit sad to let it die...however, I rarely keep up with reading people's journals these days. So I'm sorry if anything big is going on in anyone's life and I'm unaware of it--feel free to call me or e-mail to let me know how you're doing. I'm genuinely interested.

I'm doing ok; I've been hanging out with Nathan again. He got accepted into Interlochen, this big music school in Traverse City, so I suppose he'll be going there for his senior year. You can probably imagine how I feel about this. I'll miss him, but it'll be good for him--uniforms and all.

I've found myself somewhat of a religious niche as well, and I'm pretty content with the direction I'm heading in [even a vague shove in any direction is better then where I was previously].

I'm looking for a job. Next year is my senior year. I really want to go to this arts school in Washington D.C., but the chances of that happening aren't good. However, I'm wanting to move out; perhaps get an apartment with Carley. It would be good for me in a number of ways.
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[19 Apr 2004|10:15pm]
Well, yesterday I heard some shitty rumors about Carmen and I, and her thinking that I "hate" her. So I called her up, and asked her about it. I also asked what the deal was with her and Nathan, and she's like, "Well, we're a thing", like I was so incredibly stupid for not knowing this already. I suspected this to be true, but when I heard it for sure, it really hurt. And I'm also really pissed at Nathan for being so stupid. Honestly. they have like, nothing in common. Whatever. So I slept in today...my parents were pissed that I was missing school, but I really think I would've hurt him had I seen him this morning. I think I might show up for Chem at 1, because I suck at that class and I need to actually learn something. Anyway, I had an incredibly shitty night. Stupid bastard.
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[15 Apr 2004|08:08am]
Random update time.

Got back from my spring break trip to Europe on Monday. It was amazing; went to France, Switzerland, and Italy. Venice is a very beautiful city, everyone should visit at least one. Now I'm back in school, and it sucks. To say the least.

Things with Nathan are...things. I no longer weep at the mere sight of him, but it still hurts. Obviously I still love him, that hasn't changed at all. He's going to prom with Carmen, a girl from his choir classes. She's pretty, she can sing, and she "likes" everything he likes (basically, she agrees with everything he says, in other words). They have nothing in common. I dn't understand him, but whatever. I'm going to prom with Ryan. I'm going to look hot.

"His" band [actually it's not his, but Kevin's] is playing at Banner of Christ this Sunday at 7 (it's on 68th near Clyde Park). Everyone should go, if only to see wonderful me. Next Thursday they're at the Liquid Room.


Kevin and Wil. I love those two.

The Band. Nathan, Wil, Gerrit, Kevin
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[09 Feb 2004|06:49pm]
I can't do this. I seriously can't.
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[01 Feb 2004|06:22pm]
What do you do with yourself with the person you're in love with, suddently doesn't love you anymore. As cliche as it sounds...I feel like I'm dying.
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[23 Jan 2004|08:08pm]
Hey. I have to work this morning and I really don't want to. And Nathan's making me feel like shit these days.

Anyway, I present to you 3 random, poor quality pictures of myself for those of you wondering what I look like these days. I'm not going to cut these. Sorry.

I made that shirt this morning. I'm awesome.
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