Stephanie (rxjuliet) wrote,

Random update time.

Got back from my spring break trip to Europe on Monday. It was amazing; went to France, Switzerland, and Italy. Venice is a very beautiful city, everyone should visit at least one. Now I'm back in school, and it sucks. To say the least.

Things with Nathan are...things. I no longer weep at the mere sight of him, but it still hurts. Obviously I still love him, that hasn't changed at all. He's going to prom with Carmen, a girl from his choir classes. She's pretty, she can sing, and she "likes" everything he likes (basically, she agrees with everything he says, in other words). They have nothing in common. I dn't understand him, but whatever. I'm going to prom with Ryan. I'm going to look hot.

"His" band [actually it's not his, but Kevin's] is playing at Banner of Christ this Sunday at 7 (it's on 68th near Clyde Park). Everyone should go, if only to see wonderful me. Next Thursday they're at the Liquid Room.


Kevin and Wil. I love those two.

The Band. Nathan, Wil, Gerrit, Kevin
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