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Hey look, I'm alive.

It's pointless for me to even pretend like I'm going to keep this thing up anymore. When I really think about it, it's a bit sad to let it die...however, I rarely keep up with reading people's journals these days. So I'm sorry if anything big is going on in anyone's life and I'm unaware of it--feel free to call me or e-mail to let me know how you're doing. I'm genuinely interested.

I'm doing ok; I've been hanging out with Nathan again. He got accepted into Interlochen, this big music school in Traverse City, so I suppose he'll be going there for his senior year. You can probably imagine how I feel about this. I'll miss him, but it'll be good for him--uniforms and all.

I've found myself somewhat of a religious niche as well, and I'm pretty content with the direction I'm heading in [even a vague shove in any direction is better then where I was previously].

I'm looking for a job. Next year is my senior year. I really want to go to this arts school in Washington D.C., but the chances of that happening aren't good. However, I'm wanting to move out; perhaps get an apartment with Carley. It would be good for me in a number of ways.
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