Stephanie (rxjuliet) wrote,

I'm really sick of getting dumped, you know? He says that he doesn't think it's fair that I'm so sure that he's the one I want to be with, and as things get more serious, he's not 100% sure. Well, how can I really be mad at him for that? He wants to be by himself for awhile and maybe see other people, to make sure that I'm the one for him. He doesn't understand how I'm so sure. I don't know either, I just really can't see myself with anyone else--he's my best friend and without him, honestly, there's just something missing. Your friends will be there for the first few days, calling non-stop and checking in, and then it wears off--right when things start getting worse and you feel more like shit. Well, I think I'm handling this as well as one can expect...I just really need to get out and date someone, but I feel un-datable.

Anyway, I'm going to go read.

This is my tattoo

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